Our success is driven by the delivering the best product to our clients. Below are some of our client testimonials.

Precast is coming into its own. The way precast manufacturers have been able to incorporate technology into molds to produce architecturally pleasing panels is getting more people interested. With the right project, precast can be a contractor’s dream come true. I’m a huge fan of total precast now. It makes my life a lot easier.

Bill Wolfford

Vice President of Sponaugle Construction Services

Precast allowed us to comply with regulations on historic architectural character and work efficiently in the tight constraints of the location. It provided us with an aesthetically pleasing and relatively fast way to complete the project.

John Longardo,

Owner and General Contractor of Basile Builders Group

The original plan was to have stairwells and spandrel panels constructed of cast-in-place concrete with brick veneer, but working together with Architectural Precast Innovations, we were able to develop appropriate value engineering proposals that allowed us to provide the owner with both cost and time savings.

Jim Simpkins,

Project Executive of Feriozzi Concrete

Precast was a very important design feature in New York’s famed Tribeca neighborhood of 137 Franklin Street. Because the building is in a landmark zone, we were also limited with materials we could use, and it was important to me to combine traditional materials with more contemporary technology. Ultimately, I wanted a more modern inlaid brick; I was able to create a contemporary look but with bricks which are very familiar to the neighborhood.

Markus Dochantschi,

Founder of Studio MDA

The initial thought processes and decisions to use precast really clearly proved to be of great benefit as the project moved from design stage through implementation.

Robert Sandy, P.E.,

General Contractor of Gale Construction Company

Our experience working with Architectural Precast Innovations was terrific. Their experience, knowledge, quality of work and attention to detail were impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

Steve Bowen,

Project Manager of Bowen Inc.