Precast solves the problem of needing multiple products and trades to create a façade with different elements such as a base wall, window surrounds, coining, belt-lines, and pediments. All those elements and more can be created in a single precast concrete panel, eliminating the need for frequent expansion joints and slip joints to account for differential movement, as well as flashing and other moisture management components.

Architectural Precast Innovations can translate into precast concrete whatever an architect can conceive. Incorporating a variety of colors, textures, and finishes makes each architectural precast concrete project a custom fit. Façade treatment options include a range of colors, textures, and other treatments (formliners, reveals, rustications, thin brick, stone, and tile). The plasticity of concrete adds to the already enormous range of design opportunities that includes pigments, aggregates, cements, sandblasting, and acid etching.