Architectural Precast Innovations is on the forefront of the architectural precast industry. For 50 years, we've been committed to delivering high-quality precast concrete to diverse customers and market segments.

We’re Architectural Precast Innovations, an architectural precast concrete manufacturer located in Middleburg, the heart of Central Pennsylvania. Our 32-acre facility is dedicated to providing exceptional architectural precast concrete design and production for use in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. 
Whether it’s traditional, insulated, or thin-brick precast wall panels you're seeking, we can provide a customized look for your building with our variety of product, texture, and color options. We build custom molds and fabricate all the precast product in our own facility, allowing us to maintain the highest quality control every step of the production process.
Precast concrete is for use in nearly all types of buildings, including residential high-rises, apartment complexes, offices, educational facilities, dormitories, warehouses, parking garages, stadiums, and commercial and municipal structures. It provides unique solutions allowing for faster builds, customized design, and energy-efficient green initiatives. Nothing is faster, stronger, or more cost-effective than building with precast concrete for your next project.


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